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Experience in perimeter security and traffic control since 1925!

B&B ARMR is the premier provider of anti-terrorist and crash-rated perimeter protection products and designs. We also manufacture, distribute and service the most extensive line of crash-rated and engineered wedge barriers, bollards, crash beams and gates to critical DOS and DOD standards. Facilities and environments worldwide who require the highest level of protection rely on B&B ARMR to assist them in their first line of facility defense.


Company History

Throughout the company history, B&B continues to provide the quality products that fulfill the stringent requirements of federal, state, local, and industrial applications. Continuous focus on providing these products and services has kept the B&B trade name the standard in the industry.


1925 B&B Electromatic founded as a provider of road and bridge warning gates and navigational lighting.

1988 B&B Elecromatic expands into the perimeter security gate market.

1991 Integrated Security Systems Incorporated (ISSI) acquires B&B Electromatic.

2003 ISSI acquires ARMR Services Corporation and forms B&B ARMR Corporation providing a complete line of Perimeter Security and Roadway solutions.

2005 B&B ARMR enters into a joint venture agreement with Causey Lyon Enterprises, Inc. forming B&B Roadway.

2011 B&B ARMR, B&B Roadway and Causey Lyon Enterprises combines to form B&B Roadway and Security Solutions, LLC.


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BBRSS Facilities

BBRSS includes three facilities to provide the best support for our customers.


The headquarters located in McKinney, Texas provides perimeter security sales, as well as, excellent customer service to our Central and West Coast customers for all brands.


Our Russellville, Alabama facility fabricates most of the Roadway and large ARMR products.  This 47,000 square foot facility is located on 7 acres and produces the majority of the quality products our customers have come to expect.

The Grandview, Missouri facility produces all of the J&A products and smaller ARMR and Roadway products. This 40,000 square foot facility is our newest and is specifically designed for handling tall or long structures.

BBRoadway Facility J&A Facility
Russellville, AL Grandview, MO