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Model LXL Gate Operator



B&B ARMR’s LXL Series Hydraulic Slide Gate Operators are designed for consistent and dependable operation of all styles of sliding gates in a variety of high cycle applications. The LXL Gate Operators are ideal for highly sensitive commercial and industrial facilities such as airports, oil refineries and power plants. They are easily adaptable to lower risk applications including gated communities, small businesses and private residence facilities.


LXL Series hydraulic operators do not require constant maintenance typical of units with chains, sprockets, belts and pulleys. Customized with a wide range of control options, the LXL Series are superior in their strength, reliability and speed.


With a broad range of accessories, the XL Series provides custom solutions for virtually any facility type or environmental condition. Options include battery backup, loop detectors, radio control and programmable intelligent controllers, and various models can control gates from 24 to 300 ft. (7.3 to 91.4 m) in overall length with weights that can exceed 8,000 lb. (3629.0 kg).


All LXL Series gate operators are backed by a five-year limited factory warranty and excellent customer service from B&B ARMR


  • More secure than chain-drive units
  • Low maintenance, self contained hydraulic system with minimal wear items
  • UL 325 Listed
  • Safe 24VAC/24VDC controls standard
  • Drive rail increases rigidity of gate panel
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Hand release for manual operation
  • Built-in maximum run timer and timer to close
  • On board 3 button control station
  • On board LCD display for programming, setting of parameters and diagnostics
  • Rack and pinion drive (on 'R' models)
  • True battery back-up (on 'B' models)
  • Remote Ethernet control option available

Optional Features

Feature LXL Operators
Inherent Entrapment Sensing Std
Solid State Controls Std
Programmable Handing Std
Master/Slave Standard Std
Built-in 3 Button Control Station Std
On-board Diagnostics Std
Pad Lockable Cover Std
Display Screen 4x12 LCD
User Inputs/Outputs 8/3
Expandable Inputs/Outputs 4/4
Soft Start/Soft Stop Standard Option
Interlocking Standard Option
Lock Control Option
Heater/Thermostat Option
Key Lockable Cover Option