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Model 850 Troubleshooting Guide

The table below provides guidance on identifying and correcting any problems with your Model 850 Series portable vehicle barrier. Please refer to the HPU O&M manual for more detailed troubleshooting guides referring to the pumping unit. If you encounter problems that you cannot fix, contact B&B ARMR and we will gladly work with you to correct them.

Symptom Actions
Barrier does not open 1. Check power.
2. Check overload protector.
3. Control unit contacts.
4. Check that safeties are clear.
Barrier does not close 1. Check power.
2. Check overload protector.
3. Check that safeties are clear.
4. Check push button operation.
Barrier makes noise during operation 1. Check that barrier is not moving too fast
Hydraulic unit is excessively hot 1. Check that cooling fan on motor is working.
2. Check that the cover is on properly.
3. Check that the limit switch is turning the motor off, and/or motor is off when barrier is not moving.
4. Check the heater element.
Barrier moves too slowly 1. Check that heater element is working.
2. Check flow control valve.
Traffic indicator light does not change 1. Check proper limit switch operation.
2. Check bulbs.